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Information Management Services

Information Management (IM) is the collection and management of information from one or more sources and the distribution of that information to one or more stakeholders.

No matter how small or large your organisation is, all companies need to produce, share and maintain information to ensure the efficient operation of their enterprise. For small companies, this might mean maintaining a simple paper-based filing system, whilst large companies may require a full team of information systems management specialists and associated software licenses.

Keeping these systems streamlined and efficient becomes more and more complex as they grow and your business requirements change which is why it is essential to have well-formed services defined.

“It is estimated that employees spend 30% of their time searching for information that they or someone else has already produced.”

Our aim at Automation Technologies P/L is for that time to be reduced to as little as possible, allowing staff to focus on their set tasks rather than shuffle through paper. We will simplify how you access data with our business process software and document management software combined with ongoing information management services.

The benefits of our management services:

  • Ensure data standards are being met
  • Ensure business systems are operating effectively
  • Business process and workflow monitoring
  • Maintain the integrity of information databases


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