Business & Information Management Systems


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Process Automation

Automate & standardise your business data and process workflows.

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Content Management

Customised solutions designed for your company's specific needs.

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EDRMS Software

Document & Records Management with intuitive, familiar design.

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One solution for managing all business processes & data

A Global SaaS Platform for Australian Business

Business Process Automation | Electronic Documents & Records Management | ECM

Our cloud-based EDRMS & BPM solutions are powered by VisualVault TM and come with a full range of features to combine all of your business information into a single information ecosystem.



Information Management Systems



Web Forms & Workflow

Business Management Systems | Business Process Consulting

  • Public or secure submission
  • Create a complex hierarchy of information


Electronic Document Storage

eDRMS | Enterprise Content Management

  • Familiar, Intuitive Design
  • Workflow & Life Cycle Management
  • Full-Text Search


Business Integration

Web & Mobile Development | Business Software Integration

  • Integrate with Oracle, Sharepoint, SAP, MYOB, etc.
  • Custom Built Web & Mobile Systems

Over 20 Years Experience in Information Management



Typical Business Process Management (BPM) solutions provided 'Out Of The Box' regularly fail to meet all of your unique business needs. As a result, you are forced to change the way your company operates or pay for expensive and lengthy development to customise the software system.

We fast track you to the finish line by working with your company to develop an automated BPM solution that meets all of your business process requirements. Our platform allows us to rapidly deploy new systems with a full range of Enterprise Content Management features.


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Discover How We Can Automate Your Business Processes.

Automation Technologies have helped many top Australian companies improve their business processes with automated workflow and web-based document management.

Contact us to have one of our information management specialists schedule a free demonstration of our VisualVault powered systems.

Our Demo Will Provide an Overview of:

  • System capabilities.
  • How to store & access data.
  • How you can collaborate with staff & stakeholders.
  • How automating tasks may free up company resources.
  • How our customisable solutions will allow you to continue working the way you want.