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Permit to Work Software

Control & visibility over work activities across multiple sites

Our Permit to Work Software systems are electronic form-driven solutions that streamlines the work permit application communication flow. These systems enable real-time visibility over the status of all permit to work applications for your work sites. You will receive improved efficiency due to conflict-avoidance and the assurance that work will be undertaken with defined safety precautions in place.


  • Compliance
  • Enforce Standards
  • Simple to Use
  • Minimal Data Entry Requirements
  • Reduced Costs
  • IT Support Included
  • Scalable

Our Permit to Work solution is delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service), web-based platform. User your web browser to connect to the system, there is no need for software installations and all IT support is taken care of by us.

Our Permit to Work Software Systems Deliver:

Improved Efficiency

  • Centralised control over work activity at remote or unmanned locations eliminates lost time chasing clearance
  • Conflict avoidance as a result of visibility over all scheduled activity at each location via dashboards

Workflow Driven Communications

  • Email acknowledgement to an applicant on submission
  • Email advice to approval group on submission – including the link to form
  • Status immediately shown in the dashboard for tracking of permits sorted by location, date or status
  • Status advice emailed to the applicant following review and sign-off by approval authority group/s (either approved or rejected)
  • Updated status advice emailed to the applicant as a result of any subsequent date/time changes to pre-approved work (e.g. due to circumstances unforeseen at the time of the original approval)

Structured Review Process

  • SWMS uploaded for review are recoverable from a tab at the top of each application form
  • Approval authority group members may digitally sign off to authorise or reject access

Stakeholder Collaboration

  • Pre-define workflow to include input from any other stakeholders prior to approval – For example: Seek input from HSE to cross-check work hazards to relevant SWMS for high risk work

Traceable Permit Closure

  • Supplementary upload form provided to enable contractors to upload scanned copy of form c/w any edits and sign-off required by the client at the site
  • Full date & time-stamped audit trail of activity

A Scalable Permit to Work Solution

Our Permit to Work solution is mobile-ready and provides transparent access to the approval process. Live updates and notifications allow your management team to monitor and process requests. All systems are built using the scalable VisualVault TM cloud platform and saves you time and money with its zero IT footprint. It features enterprise document storage, management and expandable web form databases.

Expand the system at any point in the future with additional modules like Risk, Maintenance & Compliance Management modules.


Key Features

  • Smart e-form content configured to suit your specific needs
  • Applicants are able to upload supporting documentation
  • Acknowledgement, rejection and approval notifications
  • Managers have to access SWMS, rescheduling work and site access approval
  • Include supporting document uploads on completion for audit purposes
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