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Permit to Work Software

Shave valuable time off your permit to work approval process.

Our Permit to Work Software utilises modern smart-forms, automated emails and clear reporting to help you shave valuable time off of the contractor approval process.

The system enables real-time visibility over the status of all permit applications for your work sites. You receive improved efficiency due to real-time data, conflict-avoidance and the assurance that work will be undertaken with well-communicated safety precautions in place.

What could you accomplish by streamlining your process?

Benefits of Permit to Work Software

Our Permit to Work software solution is a scalable tool that helps you manage risk, streamline audits and ensure compliance.

Improved Efficiency

  • Centralised control over all activities across multiple sites
  • Avoid conflicting scheduled activities with clear reporting

Automated Emails

  • Email acknowledgement to an applicant on submission
  • Approval task notifications for company managers on submission
  • Approval & rejection notifications for applicants
  • High-risk work & scheduled building impairment notifications for nominated HSE & Insurance contacts

Structured Review

  • Contractors are required to provide all information required to approve work
  • SWMS and permits are uploaded by the applicant when High Risk work is required
  • Managers can easily review work requests and related attachments
  • Approval is as simple as checking a box and hitting save

Permit to Work Software, Real-time Data & Automated Emails Gives You Control.

Our Permit to Work solution is mobile-ready and provides transparent access to the approval process. Live updates and notifications allow your management team to monitor and maintain an effective permit to work process. All systems are built using the scalable VisualVaultTM global cloud platform and save you time and money with its zero IT footprint.

Expand the system at any point in the future with additional modules like Risk, Maintenance & Compliance Management modules.

Interested in Learning More?

Contact us for a free online demo of your permit to work software solutions.


Key Features

  • Streamline the application process
  • Communicate site requirements to contractors
  • Easily review and approve applications
  • Automated email communications
  • Simple reporting and clear audit trails

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