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Business Process Management Software

Empowering Modern Business Managers

Elevate your business operations with cutting-edge Business Process Automation (BPA) software tailored to meet the unique needs of your company.

At Automation Technologies, we empower business managers to enhance efficiency, elevate service quality, simplify daily operations, and drive profitability through our advanced BPA solutions.

As your business expands, maintaining control can be challenging, but with our sophisticated automation software, you can regain command. Our specialisation lies in helping enterprises streamline their workflows through automated processes, ensuring smoother day-to-day management and facilitating continuous growth. Discover how we can revolutionise your business processes.

Enhanced Business Apps & Streamlined Workflows

Our automation solutions offer a range of workflow options to cater to diverse business needs. These encompass single-user task assignment, where a single individual initiates and completes a task, as well as complex multi-user task approval and rejection, where multiple users influence the outcome of workflow tasks.

Whether you run a small-to-medium-sized enterprise (SME) or a large corporation, our Business Process Automation systems can implement transformative changes in the way you conduct business.

Effective workflow automation technology liberates your people, enhancing their productivity and elevating your company’s overall efficiency, thus positioning you to reach new heights in your business journey.

Explore a variety of workflow options, including:

  • Single-user task assignment
  • Group task assignment
  • Single-user task completion
  • Multi-user task completion
  • Single & Multi-user Approval tasks with workflow loops
  • Escalation tasks
  • Automated notifications on task assignment & completion
  • Important notifications for users at desired points in the workflow
  • Document approval

Tailored Automated Software Solutions

Our approach involves evaluating your business thoroughly and identifying pragmatic ways to optimise and integrate your business processes. This can be achieved through one of our pre-configured software packages or a fully customised software system designed specifically to align with your unique requirements.

Our robust software solutions not only enhance efficiency and productivity but also offer the flexibility needed to accommodate your company’s growth aspirations.


Workflow (Fixed or Conditional)

  • Trigger workflow from electronic form
  • Submission or document meta-data
  • Conditional Email notifications
  • Customisable Email templates

.NET & Javascript Webservices

  • External webservice scripting available for creating complex business rules & operations
  • Scheduled services available for repeating business processes
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