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Hosted Learning Management Systems

Reduce costs by implementing a centralised training system for your organisation.

We host and configure Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) eLearning solutions for business. Our Learning Management Systems, Australia-Hosted not only deliver easy to access eLearning course material but also allows your business to:

  • Reduce cumbersome paperwork
  • Centralise data & reporting
  • Provide reliable compliance auditing
  • Complete courses online from anywhere
  • Management of certification programmes

Compliance Training

Ensure your staff, suppliers and clients are trained up with online eLearning course hosting. Our system provides several options for completing courses including a paid gateway for enrolling. Reporting tools and auditing logs allow managers to track course completion for staff and service providers.

The Moodle system allows for various course types including interactive SCORM packaged courses and simpler quiz or multiple choice courses. Not sure what is the best choice? We can help your business select the right course type and organise the creation of course material.

Integration & Site Access Request Systems

We also provide specialised integration solutions with our business process management SaaS solutions.

Do you have special access requirements and approval workflows for a building site or location? We can create and host the certification induction course via the easy-to-use moodle learning system then integrate with a site access request system.

Ensure staff and service providers are certified before they access a site. Our site access request systems will crosscheck to confirm whether a worker has completed the required prerequisite induction courses before site access is granted.

We can also integrate the Moodle LMS with other systems to ensure your business is working as a single data eco-system.

Managed Learning Management Systems, Australia-Hosting

Setting up and configuring LMS systems is a complicated process, luckily we know what we’re doing! Let Automation Technologies host your next Learning Management System. Our Australian hosting options provide fast and reliable access to your LMS.

We set up and configure the system to meet your requirements. Some of the many options we configure for you are:

  • User security
  • Teacher & Learner Access Rights
  • Setting up courses & course completion metrics
  • Paid Gateways
  • Plugins & Extra Features

Learning Management Systems Customisation

Each Moodle eLearning system can be configured and themed to match your company branding. Ask our developers how they can customise the look and feel to meet your requirements.

Want more information?

Learning management systems information and free demo

Contact us to get a free demo of our learning management system and available integration options.


Core LMS Hosting Features

  • Managed Hosting
  • Cloud hosted allows course completion from anywhere
  • Customise system to match brand colours and style
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Centralised Data & Audit Reporting
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