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Maintenance Manager

Do you need to simplify your Maintenance Management Process?

  • Are you able to easily view, manager and report on all your work-orders and client requests?
  • Can you technicians complete their work orders in real-time, on-site, using mobile devices?
  • Are your risk assessments and service sheets electronic to avoid excessive paper and documentation?

Developed specifically for contractors, Maintenance Manager is a scalable and cost-effective maintenance work order software solution designed to manage preventive and corrective maintenance jobs across your multitude of clients and sites.


  • Reliable Job Tracking
  • Simple to Use
  • Access from Mobile Devices
  • Reduced Costs
  • IT Support
  • Scalable

Maintenance Manager is a software-as-a-service, web-based platform. User your web browser to connect to the system, there is no need for software installations and all IT support is taken care of by us.

‘Maintenance Manager’ provides a simple solution for scheduling corrective & preventive maintenance management work.

What Maintenance Scheduler Delivers:


  • Review details about your clients; including contact details, address, and any other relevant information


  • Create scheduled maintenance templates for clients
  • Schedule based on frequency (e.g. monthly/quarterly)
  • Add duration of contracts
  • Batch creation of Work Orders
  • Ad hoc creation of corrective Work Orders


  • View all relevant work orders assigned to users
  • Create and complete electronic risk assessment forms
  • Create and complete electronic service sheet forms


  • Live Reporting
  • Access all data via web-browser
  • Configurable role-specific access for technicians conducting on-site maintenance work, or administration handling invoicing duties.

Scalable, Light Weight Preventive Maintenance Management

The ‘Maintenance Manager’ is mobile ready and allows work to be signed-off onsite by a technician. Live updates and notifications allow your administration team to invoice customers as soon as work is completed. ‘Maintenance Scheduler’ is built using the scalable VisualVault TM cloud platform and saves you time and money with its zero IT footprint. It features enterprise document storage, management and expandable web form databases.

You can expand the system at any time in the future by adding additional modules like Risk Management, Compliance Management or any other custom modules.


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