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EDRMS Software

Electronic Document & Records Management System

Looking after the documents and records of your business can be complex, time-consuming and frustrating. Automation Technologies offers EDRMS software that will enable you to manage these documents in an easy-to-use manner, making these document easy to store, find and share when need be. Contact us and we’ll change the way you do business forever, changing mounds of paper documents into an easy-to-access digital format.

Document Management Software

VisualVaultTM is a web-based Electronic Documents and Records Management System (EDRMS), which combines all your tools and utilities to create an ECM ecosystem. We have vast experience in implementing and maintaining VisualVaultTM. By using a customer driven approach, we deliver a solution that is tailored to your business management needs. The scalability of this system means we have solutions for both small and large enterprises.

Document Viewer

Open document securely within the system. Supports most common file types (docx, xlsx, pdf, dwf, dwg).

Full-Text Document Search

Search the contents of documents for text and word phrases to rapidly track down the files you need in seconds.


OCR Conversion

Adobe PDF documents are automatically checked and processed to allow for Full-Text search.

Version Control

Manage document revisions with Check-Out/Check-In functionality. Easily access and view past revisions.

User History & Change Logs

Comprehensive user logs record all user activity within the system and provide robust audit capabilities.

Automated Emails & Workflow

Set rules to send automated emails when a document is uploaded or hits a review date rule. Assign tasks to approve and review documents.

Lifecycle Controls

Set rules for automated archiving and destruction of critical business data. Easily review upcoming expiry dates using real-time analytics reports.


Security & Access Rights

Flexible security options allow you to build a secure store and provision access to individuals or groups.

Effectively Manage Your Information & Business Processes

VisualVaultTM gives you the tools to improve the efficiency of your business by managing your information and business processes. This document management software allows for the flow of data, internally and externally, while ensuring that all organisational data and information is securely stored, arranged, distributed and shared for instant access. Business processes are modelled using a user-friendly interface, which provides managers with complete transparency for all company operations.

With the rapid growth of a mobile workforce, a web-based system gives you the flexibility to complete workflow tasks and properly manage information. This will ensure connectivity and keep your organisation operating efficiently.

Document Management Services

Our skilled and knowledgeable staff at Automation Technologies will work with you to ensure that VisualVaultTM is properly managed and maintained. We ensure best practice guidelines for implementing EDRMS solutions are followed so all your information is retained and can be sourced as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The flexibility of VisualVaultTM has proven to work in a vast number of different industries, these include:

  • Facilities Management
  • Airports/Regulators
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction and Site Management
  • Gambling and Welfare Services
  • Government and Councils
  • Healthcare


Dynamic Web Based Forms

  • Define & trigger business processes
  • Drive document management
  • Capture business data

Document Library

  • AS ISO 15489 Compliant
  • Familiar Explorer style layout
  • Full-text search
  • Secure Document Viewer
  • Automatic OCR of PDF Documents
  • Revision Tracking
  • Digital time stamping
  • Full user access history
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