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Permit to Work Software System Overview

COVID-19 Site Access & Permit to Work Applications

If you have the responsibility for authorising access to any location and do not currently have an automated permit to work software system in place, our solution will immediately allow you to adopt a best practice and leverage off the processes of industry leaders.

A Simple and Standardised Submission Process

Submitting a Permit to Work application is a breeze and shaves valuable time off the approval process by ensuring critical information is supplied every time.

A Streamlined Approval Process that Saves You Time

Our Permit to Work solutions offers a streamlined process for managing applications.

Automated Communications and Flexible Workflow

Our Permit to Work solutions offers many customised options for managing communication flows. The video explains the out-of-the-box basic workflow option for rapid deployment of a flexible PTW system

Software System that shaves valuable time off your permit to work approval process.

Our Permit to Work Software utilises modern smart-forms, automated emails and clear reporting to help you shave valuable time off of the contractor approval process.

The system enables real-time visibility over the status of all permit applications for your work sites. You receive improved efficiency due to real-time data, conflict-avoidance and the assurance that work will be undertaken with well-communicated safety precautions in place.


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