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Property and Asset Management

Physical assets (buildings, infrastructure and equipment) form a significant proportion of the total assets of many organisations. With high-value assets and equipment where each failure is disruptive and costly, it is essential to ensure these assets are managed as efficiently as possible. At the same time, it is inherent to adhere to stringent occupational health safety, environmental regulations and compliance. Automation Technologies P/L staff have been involved in developing standards and systems in which compliance is maintained. These processes have involved:

  • Correctly structuring assets into their types and categories.
  • Development of the computer-based system into a web-based system that allows suppliers and staff to access the system via Tablets, PDA’s and other electronic devices.
  • Development of standards for storage and retrieval of all maintenance supporting documentation.
  • Development of processes and systems that allow for auditing of all tasks, documentation and supplier compliance.


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