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Compliance and Electronic Document & Records Management System

Automation Technologies P/L have been involved in the needs analysis, requirements specification, implementation and now the ongoing management of the Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) for the property department of a leading airline since the initial decision to move to an automated system:

Stage 1: Needs Analysis: Personnel at Automation Technologies P/L have worked closely with client staff to assist in defining the key operating characteristics of the new compliance and EDRMS system. This involved a detailed analysis of specifying what functions the system needs to perform and how the system will be used by its administrators, client staff and external contractors and consultants.

Stage 2: Functional Specification: Through the needs analysis, Automation Technologies P/L assisted in developing a specification document that clearly and accurately described the essential technical requirements for the proposed system. All parts of the business operation process were thoroughly analysed to ensure that the system selected met the needs of the client.

Stage 3: Software Selection: The next stage involved selecting the most appropriate software based on the specification document. This involved meeting with various software suppliers, analysing the various operating characteristics of the software, choosing the most appropriate solution based on value for money, functionality, and capability of the supplier.

Stage 4: Implementation: The implementation process had to be carefully planned and involved many different aspects. These included:

  • Development of a new facility drawings standard and the migration of data to the new system.
  • Modification of the Quality Management System (QMS) to incorporate the new EDRMS and migration of all relevant data.
  • Development of additional systems, including Supplier Management, HSE Management and Business Process Development.
  • Software and hardware installation, testing and verification.

Step 5: Management of System: For any company, it is essential that the EDRMS is correctly managed and maintained to keep the integrity of the data entered. Automation Technologies P/L is continually involved in the management of the current compliance and EDRMS system. This includes integrity checking, business rules development for new data storage structure, complete lifecycle management of all modules within the system and continuous improvement of compliance and quality management systems.


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