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Construction Defects App with Site Inspections

Better Defect Inspections

DefectWise is a mobile construction defects app that saves you time and money with quicker and smarter defect inspections. Inspired by the case study below, our partnered app solution allows you to integrate with our VisualVault Workflow engine to supercharge your defect management process.

Case Study – Problem

Our client required a simple mobile solution for managing construction defects and site inspections for their various construction projects. The solution had to be a user-friendly mobile construction defects app that allows project stakeholders to record construction defects and record site inspections in rural and metro locations.


The A-T Projects mobile construction defects app allows users to lodge defects and site inspections against multiple projects that they have been granted security access to via the VisualVault TM project management system. The apps’ form submission allows users to lodge details about a construction defects or site inspection and allows for photo’s of issues to be attached to each form.

Defects and Site Inspections are automatically saved to the phone when the user is in an area with low internet connectivity. A bulk upload of saved data may be uploaded by the user when a reasonable internet connection has been reestablished.

VisualVault TM then sends automated emails to responsible contractors notifying them when a defect needs rectification or site inspection has resulted in required actions. Both Defects and Site Inspection actions are traceable allowing project managers to view when rectifications have been completed and signed-off by the responsible contractors. Approval workflow allows project managers to reject unsatisfactory rectifications, notifying contractors that their rectifications require further work.

Key Features:

  • Multi-Project &/or Site Selection
  • Lodge Defects & Attach Images
  • Record Site Inspections & Attach Images
  • Automated Notifications if Rectifications or Actions are Required
  • Offline Capability for Regional Site Visits
  • Available for External Contractors
  • Security Limits Site Selection for Contractors
  • Rectification Completion Sign-off via VisualVault


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