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Information Management, ECM software and enterprise content management

Information is the lifeblood of any business. How a business uses and shares that information has a huge impact on their efficiency and effectiveness. That’s why we at Automation Technologies offer a range of Information Management (IM) tools and solutions. Our ECM software (ECM = Enterprise Content Management) will help you automate the collection, organisation, storage and sharing of information critical to your company and its stakeholders. Find out how we can use the latest technology to assist your business.

Information Management solutions

No matter how small or large your organisation, all companies need to produce, share and maintain information to ensure the efficient operation of their enterprise. Smaller companies often maintain a simple paper-based filing system, while larger companies may use a full team of IT management specialists and associated software licenses. In both cases, this is impractical, inefficient and can be very expensive. That’s why we offer enterprise information management solutions, designed to simplify your information management processes, make your employees more productive, and your business more efficient.

Make your employees more productive

Our aim is to reduce the time staff spends on managing information, allowing them to focus on their set tasks. Whether it’s a cloud document management system or an automated information management system, we have a solution suited to your business or we can customise one specifically for your unique requirements.

With the rapid growth of a mobile workforce, a web-based system gives you the flexibility to complete workflow tasks and properly manage information. This will ensure connectivity and keep your organisation operating efficiently.

21 Years’ experience

We have been providing quality Information and data management services to a variety of clients for more than 21 years. We have worked in the development, maintenance and improvement of a wide range of Web-Based Management Systems to ensure that all our clients operate their businesses with maximum efficiency. As an ECM software vendor we offer cloud based ECM solutions and a range of pre-configured information management applications.



Core ECM Features

  • Charting & Reporting Tools
  • Workflow & Process Automation
  • Role Based User Portals
  • Federated Identity for Enterprise
  • Internet Browser Access

Document Library

  • AS ISO 15489 Compliant
  • Familiar Explorer style layout
  • Full-text Document Search
  • Automatic OCR of pdf Documents
  • Revision Tracking
  • Digital time stamping
  • Full user access history


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